If Senate Republicans succeed in cutting Medicaid, we'll all pay

Congress Health Overhaul Protest

“In their replacement of Obamacare, congressional Republicans promise to achieve greater...


American public is collateral damage in GOP health care bill

Congress Health Overhaul Hatch

Don't be fooled: The Orwellian-titled "Better Care Reconciliation Act" to abolish the Affordable Care Act is not about fixing a broken health care system. This is, first and foremost, a tax gift worth billions to the wealthy and corporations, including profit-driven hospital, insurance and...


Outtakes column: Taking satisfaction when Utah Republicans stub their toes

Don Porter

Being a liberal in Utah when the conservatives are fighting each other is akin to being one of those faceless, hapless Bartertown wretches hanging onto the metal framework of Thunderdome in the third “Mad Max” movie. 

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Now it's Utahns' turn to decide about medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana Rice

Lawmakers say that no matter how much Utahns are suffering, they can’t use medical marijuana. But a ballot initiative will let voters decide.

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Republican Medicaid changes are no big deal

Congress Health Overhaul

“The Republican health bills have two major elements on Medicaid: rolling back the enhanced funding for the Obama Medicaid expansion, and over time instituting a new per-capita funding formula for the program. The horror,” writes Rich Lowry.

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When 22M people lose health insurance, how many many more are likely to die?

Congress Health Overhaul McConnell

“For those 22 million the CBO estimates would lose coverage under the Senate bill — 28,600 excess deaths,” writes Philip Bump.


Thanks to all who made Corinne Pageant a success


The Corinne Pageant committee would like to thank all the newspapers and KVNU radio for runing articles about our pageant, a great support which notified the public about this comedic musical pageant which told about Corinne’s colorful, gentile town history. We would also like to thank all...


Stop the propaganda and print positive articles

Trump Congress Health Care

The election if over. The Democrats lost. Isn’t it time for the paper to eliminate election propaganda and print news and positive articles? When will the childish behavior stop and thoughts for the good for the country begin? Daisy Spendlove Roy


Americans should pay for their own everyday medical care

Heart Liver Transplant

Government-controlled health care does not belong in America. I don't want to hear the "but we need to control costs" excuse. Yes, we need to bring costs down — not through government control, but through American self-government. A three-tier model is ideal: 1. Private insurance (true...

Standard Deviations

Lesbian girl coming out at Mormon meeting was bound to happen

Gay Mormon-Out in Church-1

On the first Sunday of every month, Mormon worship services are turned over to the unwashed masses in ‘fast and testimony meeting.’

Guest Commentary

Modern life in rural America requires high-speed internet


When it comes to high-speed internet, we can’t afford to leave rural America behind, writes David Ferro.

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