Winners & Losers: 40 Is Old In Senate GOP Health Plan’s Subsidy Structure

APTOPIX Congress Health Overhaul-12

If you are 39 or younger, you generally would pay smaller percentages of your income compared to...


Spicer says he doesn't face reporters on TV because it would distract from the

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. Howard Kurtz wanted to know what was going on with Sean Spicer and the cameras. Or more like the lack of cameras. Lots of people have been talking about that. President Donald Trump’s press secretary went more than a week without facing the press on TV, The Washington...


UK: All samples from high-rise towers fail fire safety tests

Britain London Fire

LONDON (AP) — The list of high-rise apartment towers in Britain that have failed fire safety tests grew to 60, officials said Sunday, revealing the mounting challenge the government faces in the aftermath of London’s Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. All of the buildings for which external cladding...


Center-right set to win top race in Italian mayoral runoffs

Italy Politics

ROME (AP) — Exit polls early Monday indicated that center-right forces, including an anti-immigrant party, were headed to victory in several key mayoral runoffs, two weeks after a first round of voting saw most populist candidates eliminated in all big cities up for grabs. An election alliance of...


Over 150 dead as overturned fuel truck explodes in Pakistan

Pakistan Deadly Fire-2

BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan (AP) — Alerted by an announcement over a mosque’s loudspeaker that an overturned tanker truck had sprung a leak, scores of villagers raced to the scene with fuel containers Sunday to gather the oil. Then the wreck exploded, engulfing people in flames as they screamed in terror....


Gay pride parades sound a note of resistance _ and face some

Pride Parades-5

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Tens of thousands of people waving rainbow flags lined streets for gay pride parades Sunday in coast-to-coast events that took both celebratory and political tones, the latter a reaction to what some see as new threats to gay rights in the Trump era. In San Francisco, revelers...


As the border quiets, safe passage into the US is still granted to some

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. McALLEN, Texas - The 3-year-old girl takes her father’s hand and follows him up the steps of a bus. He leads her down the aisle to a row near the back, picks her up and sets her in a window seat, so that when the bus starts to move, she can look out at her new country,...


AP analysis shows how gerrymandering benefited GOP in 2016

Redrawing America Imbalance of Power

The 2016 presidential contest was awash with charges that the fix was in: Republican Donald Trump repeatedly claimed that the election was rigged against him, while Democrats have accused the Russians of stacking the odds in Trump’s favor. Less attention was paid to manipulation that occurred not...


Senate Republicans face key week as more senators waver in their support for

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. Senate Republicans are facing down an increasingly daunting challenge to secure the votes necessary to pass legislation to dramatically change President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law, and several senators said they would like more time to debate and tweak...


Europe has been working to expose Russian meddling for years

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. RIGA, Latvia - As the United States grapples with the implications of Kremlin interference in American politics, European countries are deploying a variety of bold tactics and tools to expose Russian attempts to sway voters and weaken European unity. Across the...


Italy giving 5.2B euros in resources to keep 2 banks open

Italy Banks

ROME (AP) — The Italian government on Sunday made 5.2 billion euros ($5.8 billion) of resources immediately available to keep operative two banks that the European Central Bank has deemed “failing or about to fail,” sending them into insolvency procedures. Premier Paolo Gentiloni defended the swift...

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