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Trump administration can claim many accomplishments

APTOPIX Trump walks

I am writing in response to a July 14 letter, “With President Trump, the results speak for themselves.” Here are some of the results achieved/actions in progress by the Trump administration: Working to stop illegal immigration by securing borders and enforcing immigration laws. Since...


Reader objects to "mad and mean" photos of football players

Lead Print Web MH 081017 Trace Tupe Roy Linebacker 01

I for one strongly object to the photos the Standard-Examiner publishes of young football players who are depicted as mad and mean. They ought to be portrayed as happy to be participating in a sport they love, not acting like they hate their opponents. The best and most mature coaches encourage...


Klan, white supremacists believed Donald Trump

Confederate Monument Protest-1 Duke

A wise man by the name of Voltaire once said, "Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities." The KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists believed the hateful rhetoric Donald J. Trump spewed during his presidential campaign. At the start of the Unite the Right rally in...


To fight racism, attend rallies, talk with people, listen

Confederate Monument Protest Utah-4

Racism, hatred and evil are real. I saw it, felt it, and breathed its awful air Monday night at the One Utah Rally in Salt Lake hosted by the Utah GOP and Utah Democratic Party. A handful of people were there who have obviously been deceived by the lies of racism, but they were serious and...


Democrats need to start rebuilding their party

Congress Health Overhaul Harris

Democrats, you can come out of your hiding places. The election is over, and you lost. This is the time to start rebuilding the Democratic Party. While President Donald Trump is dismantling the Republican Party, you have an opportunity to reorganize your party. No more promises. The people want to...


Liberal media ignoring Trump's many accomplishments

Trump departs

Recent letters to the editor extolled the accomplishments of President Obama and claimed that President Trump had nothing to show for his first six months. Let the folks still living in Obama’s “Camelot” take off their rose-colored glasses and face reality....


Kudos to those responsible for flowers in downtown Ogden

Petunia Hanging Basket

I am writing to express my appreciation and thanks to all those people responsible for placing the hanging baskets of flowers and pots around the downtown area. A special thanks to Rebecca, who is responsible for the planting, watering and overall care of the 300 flower pots. I live in the downtown...


Vandals destroyed a beautiful piece of art at Ogden Pioneer Stadium

Ogden Pioneer Stadium mural defaced

My husband, Newell Nelson, painted a mural of a Dolly Varden trout on the south side of the Ogden Pioneer Stadium. It was done in 2008 upon request of Ogden City Police to try to help curb the amount of graffiti being done by random persons. There are about 25 murals in all. Many have been...


Either Trump gets rid of Breitbart staffers, or we get rid of Trump

Confederate Monument Protests Photo Gallery Car

Having just watched the news on TV, I am about to throw up. This is like Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The white nationalists (supremacists), KKK, anti-Semites and the rest of the Breitbart family are causing havoc and death in Charlottesville, Virginia. And guess what? President Donald Trump has two...


Sick and suffering Utahns deserve access to medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana Utah-5

Who are these people standing in the way of these poor people in their terrible pain and health issues? If it were you, would you deny them relief from their terrible, unceasing pain? It should be illegal to deny these people their rights to purchase a drug that would help them. Legalizing medical...

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