Expect the North Korea talks to be fruitless

South Korea North Korea Panmunjom

“Whatever we get from North Korea, we can expect to pay for in full. Trump may not be willing...


We need to begin mental health screenings for young children

Odyssey 6-7

In light of the growing number of tragedies in our country, I would like to see mental health given the attention it deserves. Our insurance companies need to include care for mental health along with physical health equally. What is it that controls our bodies? Our brains. Starting at kindergarten...

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How would you like your burger — medium, well or vegan?

Harvey Livestock Losses-2

“What the beef and dairy producers want is for the government to protect them from competition,” writes Steve Chapman.

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The Veterans Administration needs a leader, not a manager

Veterans Affairs Jackson

“Veterans Affairs as an institution is bleeding out. It needs a combat medic, stat,” writes Marc Thiessen.

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The Davis Co. Jail allowed 2 and a half years of sexual harassment. It no longer deserves


Any entity that ignores sexual harassment does not value basic human dignity. It doesn’t simply encourage those in positions of power to humiliate others, it crushes the spirit of those they harass.


We need to clean up the trash along Utah's highways

SW 08161,, 7 I 15 traffic eclipse 01

Utah is growing on a daily basis. It has become a very well-know state, with its beautiful mountains, its snow and its highways. Yet as we drive into Salt Lake City and its surrounding towns, the trash on both sides of the highway is easily noticed. Not only is it unattractive, it’s also...

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ICE and the bitter fruit of dehumanization

Immigration-Georgia Governors Race

“Whatever their intention, ICE agents are being used by the president to send a message of callousness. And they are tying themselves to Trump's political fortunes in the process,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Barbara Bush made responsibility a way of life

CORRECTION Obit Barbara Bush-5

“George and Barbara Bush were easily — and at times, justly — pilloried as being out of touch. But the passing of their kind has coincided with a national life short on grace notes and often bereft of leaders who value anything above their momentary self-interest,” writes...

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If your car is subject to an airbag recall, get it fixed — now


Worldwide, at least 22 people have been killed when airbags exploded and shot out shrapnel. Hundreds more motorists were seriously injured.


Delivery services need to ring the doorbell when they leave packages

Amazon Delivery-1

It has been in the newspapers and on TV how packages are stolen from porches. And yet the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, etc., can’t take a second to knock or ring the doorbell to let you know they’ve delivered a package. Why is this simple act not part of their delivery routine? And,...

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Sears, a once-visionary business, now stands empty in Ogden

Biz Sears

“The empty Sears building in the Newgate Mall now stands as a powerful reminder to the importance of leadership and innovation,” writes David Ferro.

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